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Ask Jayson


Image by Sebastien Wiertz

Have a deep, frustrating, poignant, troubling, or silly question you want to ask? I’d love to answer it in an Ask Jayson column.

It’s easy to submit a question or problem! Simpy send it to

Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. I’d like to use your question as it is, so keep it as succinct as possible. I’d say to shoot for no more than 150 words or so.
  2. Sign your email however you’d like your question to be addressed in the post. It can be your name or something anonymous like “Perplexed in Portland.”
  3. I will get to questions as I can, it might take a while so be patient. If I answer your question, I’ll email you back with the link.
  4. I may email you with clarifying questions before I can respond.
  5. Some questions just won’t be appropriate for the blog. It’s not personal, but there will occasionally be questions that I won’t want to touch because they’re beyond me, too sensitive, or just not interesting.
  6. I won’t respond to “gotcha”-style entrapment questions.
  7. I’m just some guy on the internet, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

What are you waiting for? Send me a question!

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